Listen to the latest experiments from the Underworld Alchemy Laboratory.

Silver alto and electric guitar becomes a green lion that devours the sun. Electric bass and cello to agitate and ignite. Drums and percussion to stir, rumble, and clank like the furnace in our subterranean laboratory. The secret of alchemy is mastery of the illusion. We’ll take you somewhere in the dark – and leave you to find the way out.

Transmuting Anger

Transmuting Anger is a series of melodic fragments cued by alchemy symbols and tied together with improvised music, focused on the exploration of women's anger around #metoo, sexism and sexual harassment. The work premiered on January 12th, 2018 as part of the NYC Winter Jazzfest and was performed with different instrumentation at the Earshot Jazz Festival on October 30th, 2018.

Antimony Symbol.jpg
Phosphorus Symbol.jpg
Lead Symbol.jpg
Bismuth Symbol.jpg

Sarah Manning (alto saxophone, composer) Briggan Krauss (guitar) Ha-Yang Kim (cello, Earshot) Simon Jermyn (electric bass, Winter Jazzfest) Newman Taylor Baker (drums, Winter Jazzfest) Dylan van der Schyff (drums/percussion, Earshot)



Album release date coming soon.

Sarah Manning, alto saxophone
Alex Ward, guitar
Live improvisation
Recorded in London May 11th, 2017
Engineered by Alex Ward


A limited amount of signed and personalized copies of Dandelion Clock, Live at Yoshi’s: Two Rooms Same Door, and House on Eddy Street are available directly from the artist.