Jewish Afrobeat + John Zorn? Yes!

In the month of September, I've been thrilled to begin performing with Zion80, a thrilling new project of guitarist and composer Jon Madof. They've been playing at The Stone for the last three months on Monday nights, and I joined the wild cast of characters on September 10th and 24th. And this Monday night, John Zorn himself joined us in the horn section! In his words, we provided the consonants and he provided the vowels. The room was standing room only, and the band was literally jumping. (I know I did some jumping up and down, that's for sure).

From the Zion80 event page on Facebook:


Featuring some of the most exciting musicians in New York City, Zion80 plays the music of Shlomo Carlebach with arrangements inspired by Fela Kuti. The band is directed by Jon Madof of Rashanim (Tzadik Records).

With Jon Madof (guitar), Frank London (trumpet), Sarah Manning (alto sax), Greg Wall (tenor sax), Zach Mayer (bari sax), Jessica Lurie (bari sax), Jonathan Goldberger (guitar), Yoshie Fruchter (guitar), Shanir Blumenkranz (bass), Brian Marsella (keyboard), Yuval Lion (drums), Aaron Alexander (drums), Mathias Künzli (percussion), Rich Stein (percussion), Marlon Sobol (percussion)

The photo above is from a photo/video shoot the band did featuring Marlon Sobol (percussionist in the foreground), who is a Toca Percussion Artist. The videos will be released soon!